Software development projects

Including extensions to the Linerworld application, custom modules and integrating with existing installed software. NorthSea IT also develops applications based on Java and Web technology.
Custom reports, deployment on websites and portals, or distribution to business partners.

Increase the value of the data by making reports available to staff. The software platform includes a powerful reporting tool for designing and distributing reports. Already included is a set of reports and printouts such as booking confirmation, booking listings, voyage schedules from the application.

Examples include printouts like booking confirmation and invoice, listings and crosstab reports.
Integration between liner company and its agents and partners, or between LinerWorld and existing installed software.

These services include setting up and using web-services (SOAP), simple HTTP messaging, message queues (JMS), email, FTP or shared filesystems to receive and send data. For example:
  • Pull email messages from email account for use in the sales module.
  • Query accounting systems or perform credit check using webservices.
  • Allow agents to submit reports using HTML forms.
  • Send invoice data to accounting system using MQ middleware.